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A Vision for Mariupol: The Easternmost Gateway of Europe

The City of Mariupol’s heroic defence and systematic destruction at the beginning of the Russian invasion have made it an international symbol of senseless brutality and Ukrainian defiance. The ruined city today still harbours the embers of that resistance. 
Inspired by the Ukrainian people’s faith and determination to rebuild, the authors join forces with displaced Mariupol residents to imagine a dynamic future for Mariupol that will begin the day the Ukrainian flag rises.
Despite the unavailability of reliable information and the difficulty of communicating with the scattered population, the team illustrates the case for planning rebuilding while the city is still under occupation, both so as to exorcise the scars of war and colonialism and to establish a viable economy and human-centred city that draws strength from its tragic past. Team: Fulco Treffers, Mykyta Biriukov, Nathan Hutson, Dmytro Gurin, Natalia Kozub, Alice Alexandrova, Mykola Tryfonov, Nataliya Shulga.
Partner: USAID Economic Resilience Activity.
This book is a part of the Histories of Ukrainian Architecture programme initiated by DOM publishers in response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty on 24 February 2022.
Presentation of a Vision for Mariupol, that is a part of this book, took place on 28 June 2023 on Lviv Urban Forum: