Ro3kvit is a coalition of over 80 professionals from Ukraine and beyond who unite to create knowledge and methodologies for rebuilding Ukraine’s urban and rural areas and infrastructure. All experts have experience in developing projects in Ukraine or post-conflict planning. At least 60% of the team members are Ukrainian. Among them are researchers, designers, policy advisors and educators with a wide range of backgrounds from architecture and urbanism to sociology and ecology.

The Ukranian NGO is founded in March 2022 in response to the massive destruction caused by Russian military aggression.

Through design and research, we address urgent needs and connect them to future strategies. Fuelled by studies on other (postwar) countries, we are developing future-oriented urban design methods, co-creative organisation and sustainable development.

Ro3kvit is a Ukrainian-based project with a foreign support. All experts have experience in developing projects in Ukraine or in a post-conflict planning. At least 50% of the team members are Ukrainian experts. Among them are researchers, designers, policy advisors, educators.

Our Expertise

    architecture and housing
    urban / regional planning
    post-war recovery
    culture and heritage
    mobility and transport

Our Values

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    Social and inclusive: people first

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    Learning, educating and continuity

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    Climate proof and resilient for future generations

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    Transparent and ethical generations

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    Network development within Ukraine and beyond

Cooperation with russian researchers and professionals

Ro3kvit Urban Coalition for Ukraine was founded in response to the massive destruction caused by Russia’s military invasion. We are united, and committed to the five values describe above, under which we have developed our statement on cooperation with Russian researchers and professionals. This statement defines ethical principles that our members adhere to in their work with and beyond the Coalition.

Our Goals

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    Improve the quality of living in Ukraine

                 ― methodologies             ― integrated approach             ― citizens involvement

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    To be prepared when the war ends – rethink and advise

                 ― setting the agenda             ― capacity building             ― EU standards

Fields of activity


● Research

― fieldwork ― case studies ― university courses

● Action / Projects

― city strategies ― design teams ― pilot projects in Ukraine ― policy advice teams for governments

● Education

― public discussions ― lectures and courses ― webinars

● deep understanding of postwar and Ukrainian planning● methodologies and guidebooks● network of experts from Ukraine and abroad

Programmes and projects 

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    Architecture and housing

    ― housing policy
    ― parameters for prefabricated housing
    ― mass housing/ catalogue of housing series
    ― urgent housing research project
    ― cooperative housing

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    Urban planning and design

    ― methodologies and guidebooks for different categories of ukrainian cities and villages in need: occupied; on the frontline; close to the frontline; far from the frontline
    ― pilot projects: Mariupol, Zaporizhya, Rivne, Bucha and others

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    Resources and infrastructure

    ― environmental monitoring and assessment for multistakeholders― climate resilience by design adaptation methodology development― sustainable mobility models― circular building and materials― energy communities’ capacity building and program development― participation in the EU innovation programs related to the topics

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    Socio-economic issues

    ― identity and public space
    ― heritage and culture
    ― governance
    ― commons
    ― participation
    ― CO-HATY Ivano-Frankivsk pilot

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    Knowledge and capacity building

    ― knowledge platform on post-war research― capacity building for local governance and for communities― academic programs― publications (articles, books)― public lecture series, round tables, webinars

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