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The Participation Handbook of Urban Planning for Ukraine 

The Ro3kvit and the URAG of the American Planning Association International Division have developed "The Public Participation Handbook of Urban Planning for Ukraine” (Handbook) in response to the need for community involvement in the rebuilding effort for the Ukrainian post-war recovery. The release and distribution of this Handbook were made possible with the support of 3MIN Foundation.
The Handbook aims to furnish practical insights into public involvement in urban planning for planners, administrators, and public officials who are engaged in urban planning and development in Ukraine. It serves as a comprehensive guide for the formulation of regulations and procedures concerning urban planning. Moreover, it can be utilized to create public participation frameworks tailored to specific projects. This publication can also prove to be a valuable resource for trainers and educators who wish to incorporate urban planning education into their courses. 
The content of this document is presented in an advisory capacity. The majority of the general public engagement information draws from practices within the United States. The authors aim to provide relevant recommendations for the Ukrainian context, with appropriate cultural and historical adaptations. It is assumed that community involvement possesses universal characteristics regardless of geographical location. It is recommended that the guidelines be tailored to fit the unique circumstances of a given community. 
The handbook is a living document. The project team is committed to reaching out to planners and scholars periodically for comments and providing clarifications, corrections, and supplemental information as necessary.  
The project team welcomes criticism and suggestions to improve the Handbook. Anyone who is interested in joining the team in future efforts is welcome to contact us.  

E-book "The Public Participation Handbook of Urban Planning for Ukraine"
Authors: D. Pasyuta; D. Ľudviková; F. Treffers; G. Korniyenko, Ph.D.; T. Van Epp, FAICP; J. Zhang, AICP
Contributors: A. Estefam; A. Gast-Bray, Ph.D. AICP, CNU-A; I. Ruiz Bode, FAICP; F. Gontsa, PhD; M. Tullo.
Ro3kvit Urban Coalition for Ukraine & Ukraine Rebuilding Action Group, 2023
DOI 10.36196/0726.2023

Production Team  

● Dominika Ľudviková ● Daryna Pasyuta ● Fulco Treffers ● Gala Korniyenko, Ph.D.  ● Tim Van Epp, FAICP ● Jing Zhang, AICP 


● Ali Estefam ● Andrew Gast-Bray, Ph.D. AICP, CNU-A ● Irayda Ruiz Bode, FAICP ● Fedir Gontsa, PhD ● Michelle Tullo

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