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Comprehensive Development of Ochakiv Coastline

Comprehensive Development of Ochakiv Coastline outlines a visionary plan for the holistic development. It aims to leverage the area’s rich historical legacy, recreational offerings, and strategic location to foster a vibrant urban transformation. The project commenced with an in-depth analysis of Ochakiv’s regional, communal, and urban dynamics. By examining city layouts, historical records, and strategic growth plans, we have crafted a tailored development recommendations that align with the unique needs and aspirations of the region.


Infinite Coastline

At the heart of our proposal is the “Infinite Coastline” concept, a pioneering initiative to enhance the region’s connectivity and cohesion. This strategy will revitalize the coastline, making it an uninterrupted, accessible, and vital part of the urban landscape through improved transportation links, green spaces, and leisure facilities. Complementing the “Infinite Coastline,” we propose actionable strategies for coastal development and urban road network integration. 


Transport infrastructure

Firstly, we are focusing on the development of the pedestrian walkways. Our aim is to create scenic and safe walkways along the coastline, which will connect key historical and recreational spots. These walkways will provide a beautiful and relaxing environment for both residents and tourists.
Parallel to these walkways, we recommend to establish dedicated cycling paths. This initiative is designed to promote eco-friendly transportation and recreational cycling. It will provide a safe and enjoyable way for cyclists to explore our community and its surroundings.
To assist in navigation and enhance the overall experience, we are implementing clear and informative signage. These signs will guide residents and tourists to recreational sites, ensuring that our community’s attractions are easily accessible to all.
Lastly, we are upgrading public transport links to ensure easy access to recreational areas. This will make it more convenient for everyone to visit and enjoy these spaces, regardless of where they live in the community.


Green infrastructure: uban parks and coastal greenery

Urban parks are meticulously designed and developed green spaces within cities and towns. These parks serve as essential oases amidst the urban landscape, providing a range of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.
Designing and developing green parks with playgrounds, picnic areas, and open-air performance stages.Coastal greenery refers to the intentional planting of native vegetation along coastlines. This practice serves multiple purposes, including environmental conservation, erosion control, and creating natural recreational spaces.


Recreational infrastructure: beachfront amenities and outdoor sports complexes

Beachfront amenities enhance beach experience by providing modern facilities for visitors. These amenities contribute to comfort, convenience, and enjoyment. Outdoor sports complexes are purpose-built areas that cater to various athletic activities. They encourage physical fitness, social interaction, and recreation. By promoting an active lifestyle and community bonding, outdoor sports complexes enrich the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Safety and Infrastructure

Emergency Facilities: Installing emergency call stations and first aid posts along the coastline and in parks.Lighting and Surveillance: Enhancing safety with adequate lighting and surveillance cameras in public recreational spaces.
A key focus of our proposal is the safety and well-being of Ochakiv’s residents. We have conducted a thorough evaluation of existing shelters and the availability of protective infrastructure to ensure that safety remains a paramount consideration in our development plans.


Final proposal


Team: Fulco Treffers, Svitlana Usychenko, Mariia Mnatsakanian