Ro3kvit team

Call for Ukrainian Municipalities to Join Webinars on Reconstruction 

We invite hromada representatives to join the first webinar series on reconstruction in Ukraine offered by the European Commission! The course was developed by the European Commission together with Ukrainian professionals for Ukrainian municipalities who will be involved in the reconstruction process.The programme consists of four modules:🔷 Introduction to Capacity Building for Reconstruction (March 16, 16:00 EET): will define the main political framework of the programme aimed at sustainable and inclusive reconstruction.🔷 Getting organised for reconstruction (April 3 - April 28, 2023): best practices for assessment and allocation of resources, participation tools and funding opportunities.🔷 Circularity and Energy Efficiency (May 1 - May 26, 2023): ways to incorporate circularity principles into the post-war development strategies, solutions for smart distributed networks, autonomous energy and chemical/physical recovery of materials.🔷 Housing Redevelopment and Maintenance (May 29 - June 23, 2023): different types of housing and the role of municipalities in housing management.Participation in the program is based on pre-selection. We invite all interested parties to attend the Introductory module and ask your questions to the representatives of the European Commission and future teachers.
The course is developed and implemented by the New European Bauhaus program of the European Commission together with the Ukrainian public organizations Ro3kvit and ReThink in partnership with the Council of Architects of Europe, the project "Agreement of Mayors - East", Eurocities, Housing Europe.