Ro3kvit team

On July 2, 2024, in Kremenchuk, Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe and Ro3kvit Urban Coalition for Ukraine presented the Dnipro River Integrated Vision — an extensive study highlighting the Dnipro River's significance and the urgent need for its preservation and restoration

The Dnipro River Integrated Vision combines research, scenarios, and ideas for planners, policymakers, experts, and the public to encourage collaboration and dialogue about the river's future, even despite the ongoing war.
The project was initiated by Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe, and realised jointly with Ro3kvit Urban Coalition for Ukraine.

The Dnipro River Integrated Vision aligns with three key Sustainable Development Goals: Clean Water and Sanitation, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Climate Action. This project showcases the river's untapped potential and proposes innovative solutions for its future.

The teams have been studying three potential scenarios of the Dnipro River’s future:

    Back to 2021: Restore the Dnipro River to its state in 2021 by reconstructing demolished bridges and dams. This scenario includes ecological developments, accessible embankments, cultural heritage preservation, and improved water quality through updated treatment technology.
    Redesign Damaged Flows: Adopt eco-friendly redesigns where structures and flows are damaged or outdated. This site-specific approach addresses different needs and results based on the river's conditions.
    Back to Nature: Return the river to its natural historical flow by removing reservoirs and hydropower stations. This scenario enhances flora and fauna, supports new natural parks and protected zones, strengthens cultural identity, and reduces industrial and household pollution.

Greenpeace CEE and Ro3kvit currently view Scenario 2 as the most promising for the future of Ukraine and the Dnipro River.
Some outcomes of The Dnipro River Integrated Vision were the base for integrated projects mentioned in the General Water Resources Management Plan of Ukraine, which Ukraine submitted to the European Commission.

“The River shows us a lot of unused potential. The technical focus of the Dnipro River is too narrow. It must be completed by natural, cultural and social viewpoint into an integrated balance.”

Fulco Treffers, team lead of the Dnipro River Integrated Vision and founder of Ro3kvit Urban Coalition for Ukraine

Read the full report and visit interactive website by the link: