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Lecture #19 | The Retrieval and use of Data in (post) War Urban Planning

Presentations and discussion on the use of data in (post) war Ukraine led by Ed Parham, Director of Space Syntax, and Adam Knaze, an AI & Data Analyst. Apart from the benefits and possible use cases of data-driven design we will discuss also the possible threats and challenges, that come with it.
Ed Parham is an Architect and Director of Innovation and Design at Space Syntax. His role combines the development of tools to analyse cities with their application to real-world projects. He has lead multi-disciplinary design teams to masterplan capital cities and shaped the development of digital tools to support evidence-informed decisions. The objective behind these activities is to create better cities for people by understanding how the built environment impacts on daily activities.
Adam Kňaze is a senior AI & Data Analytics Consultant and Geoanalytics Team lead at PwC Slovakia. He started and currently leads the Computer Vision and Remote Sensing stream within the local consulting practice. He focuses on AI-powered geo-analytic applications, and how to drive their wider adoption in the market. Some of his projects include a system based around object detection on VHR satellite imagery, and large-scale agricultural monitoring system.
The recording of the lecture is available on our YouTube channel: