Ro3kvit team

Join us for a discussion on land policy and housing in (post)war Ukraine!

The role of land policy in (post)war Ukraine is key to ensuring quality housing. Before the start of the war waged by Russia against Ukraine, many households, especially in large cities, suffered from inadequate housing conditions, including overcrowding, inadequate maintenance of buildings and low energy efficiency of the housing stock (combined with energy poverty). Escalating russian aggression has exacerbated these problems and led to massive civilian casualties, destruction of housing and critical infrastructure, and massive environmental damage. Providing Ukrainians with quality housing where and when it is needed is a huge challenge. We invite you to discuss this important topic together with the authors of the study “Rebuilding a Place to Call Home: the Role of Land Policy in (Post)War Ukraine” this Thursday at 19:00.
* Oleksandr Anisimov, Doctoral researcher at Aalto University, Finland; Head of Centre for Land and Housing Research at Kharkiv School of Architecture, Ukraine; Head of NGO New Housing Policy, Ukraine.
* Dr. Edwin Buitelaar, Professor of Land and Real Estate Development at Utrecht University, Netherlands. Expert at PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.
Following the presentation, we’ll open the floor for a lively discussion and a Q&A session. This event will be insightful for professionals in architecture, urban planning and public administration, as well as for engaged citizens.
Recording of the lecture is available on our YouTube channel: