15.12.2022Ro3kvit team

Law No.5655 undermines the civic, international, and professional effort to deliver a just and transparent post-war recovery – statement from Ro3kvit Coalition

The members of the Ro3kvit Urban Coalition for Ukraine are increasingly alarmed regarding the approval of bill No.5655. In this bill, we see significant risks to the transparency of the spatial planning and construction industry in Ukraine. We believe the rushed adoption of this legislation over the strident objections of numerous experts and local government representatives is a mistake. It will raise grave concerns in the international community and undermine the trust and unity needed for Ukraine’s fast and effective post-war recovery of Ukraine.Ukraine needs to reform its spatial planning legislation, but the changes should be based on the participation of all parties involved, ensuring transparent procedures and effective mechanisms for the industry and fair distribution of roles and responsibilities among all the stakeholders. Local hromadas, whose rights for exclusive control over land-use have been ensured in accordance with the European Charter of Local Self-Government, have these rights eroded by this law and should be included in the discussion about the new legislation. As an aspiring EU member, Ukraine should maintain the values of inclusivity and transparent governance that will be required for accession.
A hasty decision now will have severe consequences for the Ukrainian reconstruction process that will be felt for years to come.
We call for the President to veto the law and for all parties involved to renew an inclusive and constructive discussion about the reform of spatial planning and construction industry.