4, 11, 18,25 May 2023

15:00 - 16:30 EET14:00 - 15:30 CEТ

Format: Online

Language: English and Ukrainian, with simultaneous translation 

Module 2 of the Capacity Building Programme for the Reconstruction of Ukraine: Circular Economy and Energy Efficiency

Webinar 1:
Circular city – autonomous, decentralized, environmentally sustainable
Housing/built environment as a system, with the emphasis on a distributed network, decentralized or autonomous energy and heat supply systems, localization of other resources and supply of materials, optimization of output flows (waste, wastewater, etc.).

Webinar 2: Circular management of debris and reuse of materials from ruined buildings
Technologies and cases, challenges and ways of optimization.

Webinar 3: Technologies and Design for Circular Cities and Buildings
Efficient and interesting technical circular solutions in smart distributed networks, autonomous energy, chemical/physical resource recovery and local circular materials.

Webinar 4: Implementation of a circular project in Ukraine: challenges and experience
A case that is currently being implemented in Ukraine from the point of view of a foreign contractor and the Ukrainian municipality.

We invite to participate:
● City mayors/ Heads of hromadas / Heads of regional military administrations, first deputies, deputies for economy, investments, development, construction, energy and environment
● Heads of departments/departments for economy, investment, environmental protection,
energy and housing and communal services, construction and architecture, transport and development
● Heads of provider companies in the field of housing and communal services, especially those that work with materials and resources
● Chairmen and members of standing commissions of councils on the above-mentioned issues
● Members of initiative groups, together with representatives of local self-government
work on the topics of green development and resource efficiency

After completing the Module, participants will get:
● Knowledge of the principles of the circular city and various opportunities for ecologically sustainable circular reconstruction that can be implemented in Ukraine;
● Understanding ways to maximize value when reusing building debris and
waste from destruction and future demolition;
● Effective tools and practical circular technological solutions and the possible application of the principles of the circular economy in the design of buildings, quarters, networks;
● Awareness of how to include the principles of the circular economy in the development strategy of the city or community after the war;
● Relevant experience of circular projects that have been implemented or are currently being implemented in the restoration of Ukrainian communities.

👉To apply, please register until April 21:
1) on the EU Academy platform via EU Login:
2) after registration, please fill in the application form for the participation in the Module 2:

⏰Duration of the module: May 4-25 (every Thursday, 15:00-16:30 EET)


  • Illustration

    Roman Puchko 

    Roman Puchko is a Co-Founder and CEO of ReThink – a circular economy and green innovations NGO, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. ReThink is known for its dedication to pre-cycling and circular design (free water refill in Kyiv; circular economy hackathons organizer; driver for circularity in built environment). Roman holds an MSc degree from Wageningen University in Management, Economics, and Consumer Studies.
    He has been a member of the Innovations development council under the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Roman is also an evaluator of the USF Calls (within Energy & Environment sectors).