19:00 - 20:30 EEST18:00 - 19:30 CEST

Format: Online

Language: Ukrainian and English with simultaneous translation 

Lecture №16 | Vision for Mariupol: Economy & Ecology

During the lecture, members of the interdisciplinary team of Ro3kvit: Urban Coalition will present the strategy of the post-war spatial development for Mariupol and reveal the following topics:
☑️ diversification of the economy;☑️ the new role of the Mariupol port in international trade and rebuilding;☑️ sustainable mobility;☑️ Azovstal territory development scenarios.
Recording of the lecture is on our YouTube channel:


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    Fulco Treffers

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    Dmytro Gurin

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    Mykyta Biriukov

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    Alice Alexandrova

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    Nathan Hutson