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Language: English and Ukrainian, with simultaneous translation 

Heritage and Planning in Post-War Redevelopment

It is an especially difficult and controversial question what to preserve and what to let go when reconstructing a war torn area. Dóra Mérai and Loes Veldpaus promote an integrated approach to heritage conservation and planning that focuses on the management of built environment as inherited from the past and being developed for the future.


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    Dóra Mérai

    Art historian, archaeologist, cultural heritage expert; researcher and lecturer at Central European University, Vienna-Budapest. Specialism: heritage policy and management, memory studies, industrial and urban heritage, adaptive heritage reuse. 

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    Loes Veldpaus

    Lecturer Architecture and Urban Planning, Newcastle University (UK), and one of the co-directors of the Centre for Heritage at Newcastle University. She has a background in architecture, urban planning, and heritage studies, and researches and teaches across and between those areas, with a focus on what the processes of (re)making and (re)using heritage, both materially and conceptually, do in the context of urban governance.