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Format: Online

Language: English and Ukrainian, with simultaneous translation 

Lecture #13: Strategies for the comprehensive transformation of soviet housing construction

In this lecture, we will look at the problem of comprehensive renovation of Soviet-era mass housing construction on the example of Lithuania, where the processes are too slow, and the results often do not bring significant qualitative changes, and young families continue to move to the suburbs. Isn't it paradoxical that once a five-story apartment building could be built in a couple of weeks, and now, even with the use of all the latest technologies, it takes about a year to renovate?
Moderator – Oleksandr Anisimov 


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    Martinas Marozas

    Martinas Marozas is an urban designer and planner, moderator and coordinator of development processes. He specializes in complex strategies for the transformation of an existing city, where stakeholder participation and moderation is required. Founder and director of mmap. Associate professor at Kaunas University of Technology and lecturer at Vilnius University.