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Language: Ukrainian

Forum New Housing Policy

The full-scale Russian military invasion damage Ukrainian cities and villages. Millions of people have lost their homes, and millions of migrants have found themselves in housing missing. Housing in wartime is not only a way to meet basic human needs (food, shelter, private space), it is also a hope for protection and stability.

The providing of housing during the war and post-war period should be based on a rethinking of the principles of previous housing policy, which proved unable to respond effectively to the emerged housing crisis.

The first forum of the New Housing Policy project is designed to develop potential prospects for future housing policy in Ukraine. The event will consist of three panels "Past", "Present", and "Future". The speakers will present achievements in the areas of the housing market, cities land market, experiences of post-war reconstruction, housing solidarity in wartime, housing models, values and principles of the new housing policy. Each panel provides a discussion.