1-22 June 2023

15:00 - 16:30 EET16:00 - 17:30 CEТ

Format: Online


Module 3: Rebuilding Capacity

We invite community representatives to join Module 3 of the webinar series on reconstruction in Ukraine offered by the European Commission! The course was developed by the European Commission together with Ukrainian professionals for Ukrainian municipalities who will be involved in the reconstruction process.
⏰Duration of the module: June 1 to 22 (ЧТ 15:00-16:30 ЕЕТ)
Curator of the module is Oleksandr Anisimov, New housing policy.
👉Registration: each participant must apply by May 19 1) register on the EU Academy platform via EU Login: after that, fill out the application for participation in Module 3 (the "Enrol" button is located on the page on the right immediately below the image, and click "Submit this entry"): module-3-housing-redevelopment-and-maintenance
📝Topics of this module:✅ What is housing and what is the role of the community✅The residential sphere in Ukraine - ways of development and modernization at the community level✅Housing financing and municipal housing companies✅ Workshop: (Re)construction of social housing in the community
До участі ми запрошуємо:✅❗We invite a team of 2-5 participants to participate, which must include a representative of local self-government bodies, regardless of the region of Ukraine, and participants from other types of organizations cooperating with municipalities in areas corresponding to the profile of the participants can join the team. Please note that in the selection, priority is given to teams of participants of relevant profiles. Each member of your team must submit a separate application for participation in Module 3, the list of team members from one of the applicants is not sufficient for consideration of the entire team by the selection committee. Individual applications of appropriate profiles will be considered during selection, however, due to the limited number of places in the course, they may be admitted to the course in exceptional cases.
The Capacity Building Programme is developed and implemented by the New European Bauhaus: beautiful, sustainable, together with Ro3kvit: Urban Coalition for Ukraine ReThink in partnership with the Architects' Council of Europe and Covenant of Mayors - East.